"I'm not smart, I just wear glasses"

Feb 2014

I test software for a living, before that I worked on and lived on nuclear submarines in the Navy for 10 years.

I like to read, especially science fiction, history and some mystery. I'm a fan of military sci-fi stories, I'm learning Chinese and I like to blog. I'm a hard core introvert, my political leanings are Right of Center, my favorite charities are for homeless shelters and animal shelters.

I'm an eternal optimist but my family thinks it's more naïveté than anything else - an example of this is that I believe the Middle East conflicts of the last 5+ decades can be solved and is 'simply' a complex puzzle; I just haven't figured out the perfect winning solution yet.

I'm practising my Yoga and meditation skills which are noticeably helping in my ability to deal with stressful situations and maintain balance. I also try to follow a Buddhist philosophy, that practice along with no alcohol, no smoking, no drugs leaves me with my weight issues to work on and in the last year or so I've been getting more fit.

I'm a die-hard sports fan: American Football: Seahawks, Premier League's Liverpool Football Club, Tour de France, Baseball, College sports, Olympics, Major League Soccer: Seattle Sounders, America's Cup, Competitive Shooting, NASCAR and Golf.

My Chinese name is 安迪。 I've travelled to China about a dozen times, my first visit was Hong Kong in 1991, then again in 2005 to hire testers from Chinasoft Intl to help my software project, many of those folks I'm friends with today. In the last few years i've visited Beijing for business another 10 times and I enjoy the travel there because the culture is so rich and people are interesting with a strong desire to share their culture and history. I'm learning the Chinese language so I can better relate to the many friends and colleagues there I interact with everyday.中文和中国文化我有兴趣。This effort to learn the language is fascinating and it's my main hobby even though it's slow going and I wonder if it requires immersion in the culture for it to finally sink in for me.

Other hobbies I just don't have time for lately include gardening, Remote Controlled Submarine building, pistol target practice, golf, and last but not least is writing my screenplay (think Das Boot meets Twilight Zone).

Finally, I have been working diligently lately to improve my health and lose weight (in 2013-14). I've been overweight for many years, as you can see from some of the pictures here. My efforts to lose weight mean a lifestyle change in how I view food and exercise. I'm doing this with several apps on my phone such as MyFitnessPal, and Zombies, Run.

You can read how i've lost weight and the three things i recommend you do if you also need to get fit.

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You can contact me via:

andyall at hotmail.com

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