Home: Sammamish, WA USA
Age: 11
Sex: Female

Weight: 9 lbs.
Breed: Torbie - Domestic Shorthair










Hoshi Minx


Quick Bio:
Hoshi loves snuggling with her mom & dad. She's a very sweet cat with soft fur. She's with her third family in her life and we're sure we're her last. She's quite timid and while it took her two months to get used to her new family.

Unfortunately, shortly after she came into our family she suffered from brain seizures, likely Epilepsy. After a lot of medical check-ups and a brain scan, no cause was determined. We have successfully suppressed the seizures now (for two years as of Fall 2013) with a twice daily dose of Phenobarbital that is compounded into a cat treat by a specialist pharmacy.

So far, her treatments are going well, she's comfortable and happy in our home and things are looking good for a continued long life for our little torbie girl.


Catnip, bird watching, having her fur brushed


Vacuum cleaner, being picked up


Favorite Toy:
Toy bug on a wand, furry mice toys


Favorite Nap Spot:
On a heat vent during the Autumn and Winter


Favorite Food:
Turkey flavored cat food, cat treats






Arrival Story:
Adopted from a no-kill animal shelter on Sept 3 2011. The shelter is called MEOW and it's one our favorite charities.