Christmas Part 1

Christmas is a Christian holiday, but many non-Christians celebrate it because it reminds people to care about others and to give them joy and happiness.

Often you might see “Xmas” used in place of writing “Christmas”. The abbreviation ‘Xmas’ has been in use for about 500 years.


  • Jesus Christ – The central person in the Christian religions

  • Christmas – Christmas day is Jesus’ birthday, December 25

  • Christian – Religion that believes Jesus is the son of god

  • Xmas – Informal abbreviation for “Christmas.”

  • For Christmas, Santa Claus delivers gifts to all good boys and girls around the world. He flies around the world in a sleigh being pulled by 9 reindeer, visiting every home to deliver the gifts.

The gifts are created by elves working in “Santa’s workshop” at the North Pole

Christmas vocabulary:

  • Reindeer – These animals pull Santa’s sleigh

  • Sleigh – A large carriage that is pulled on ice and snow carrying people and gifts

  • Santa Claus – A jolly man that brings gifts to children for Christmas

  • Elf (Elves) – They look like people, are very small with pointy ears and magic powers

  • Presents / Gifts

  • North Pole – The top of the world

Christmas Vocabulary pt1