Vocabulary: “Fur is Fab”

Yesterday @Huiling asked me the following question:

“ I drove by an apartment complex and saw a sign. It says “almost home. Fur is fab…” What does “fur is fab” mean? Thank you.”

In the advertisement it uses “fur” as a way of refering to pets such as dogs and cats. Dogs and cats have fur (毛皮?). Westerners will often say their dog or cat is their “fur kid” to mean the pets of the family are like their children because they have such a close relationship within the family.

Example sentences using fur: My cat’s fur is soft and long, and the fur is colored orange and white. My dog’s fur is short and stiff, black and white colored.

And ‘fab’ is used in as slang, or short, for ‘fabulous’ (极好?). It’s not often used, but you might use it like this in a sentence:

“Mary: Hi Jane, how was that big party you went to last night?
Jane: It was absolutely fab! The music was great and I met some old classmates from high school”

So the advert “fur is fab” is a fun way of saying “Pets are perfectly fine, or welcome, at those apartments”