Idiom: Missed the boat


Missed the boat


– To miss out on something
– Fail to take advantage of an opportunity
– To be late to get something that you want


Think about the situation where you are planning to take a trip on a boat. You arrive to get on the boat, but you’re a little late and the boat has already left without you!

So this phrase “Missed the boat” means you missed something important, or missed the opportunity to take advantage of something.


“The President thinks we’re missing the boat on improving relations with Iran”

“Amazon had a big sale on music yesterday, but I totally missed the boat when I forgot. Now I have to pay full price for that song i wanted :(”

“Hey Mary, the boss wants to take someone with him on a business trip to Beijing. Don’t miss the boat on this opportunity, go talk to him right now and tell him you’re interested.”

Missed the boat