Vocabulary: Contractions A-H

contraction word cloud a-h


This lesson is on CONTRACTIONS and will be given in several parts, covering many contractions. Wendy Liu’s daughter Yoyo inspired me to give this lesson.

Sometimes speaking a word that is a contraction can be a little difficult until you’ve practiced saying it many times. You have seen contractions in writing but may not have known it was called ‘contraction’. So what is a contraction, you ask?

A contraction is a word or phrase that has been shortened by dropping one or more letters. In writing, an apostrophe takes the place of the missing letters. For instance, shortening the phrase “That has” or “That is” to “That’s”.

Standard Contractions in English (From ‘a’ to ‘h’)

-aren’t /  are not
-can’t / cannot
-couldn’t / could not
-didn’t / did not
-doesn’t / does not
-don’t / do not
-hadn’t / had not
-hasn’t / has not
-haven’t / have not
-he’d / he had; he would
-he’ll / he will; he shall
-he’s / he is; he has


“He’ll be upset if he’s late again. He can’t be late again because we don’t want the boss to think he’s not responsible”

“Waiter, I didn’t see wine on the menu, please don’t tell me you aren’t serving wine tonight”

“Mary hasn’t given me the bill, so I haven’t paid it”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re late to the party, he’d be happy just to see you again!”