Oral English: Poem “Children of the Rainbow”

This is a poem of a girl talking to her grandmother (sometimes affectionately we’ll call our grandmother ‘grammy’). The child is talking about a black girl she knows and how other kids tease this friend.

Children Of The Rainbow – by C.J. Heck

I talked to Grammy yesterday
about a girl I know.
Her skin’s a different color
but I like her, even though

the other children tease her
and it makes her run away
because she looks so different
and they never let her play.

I think she looks just beautiful!
Her skin is chocolate brown.
She’s the nicest girl I’ve ever met
and it’s sad to see her frown.

Grammy held me on her lap
and told me she was proud.
She said that’s what’s important
and then my gram allowed

that children are life’s rainbow,
black and yellow, red and white,
but the colors aren’t what matter,
it’s what’s down deep inside.

I asked her if that’s what it means
when we say we’re colorblind.
She smiled and said it should mean that
in all hearts and in all minds.