Culture: Our Founding Fathers

Most of you probably know that this Saturday, July 4, is USA’s Nation Day, or Independence Day. This is the day in 1776 we declared our independence from England and formed our own country.

Just like our new non-profit group 西雅图助力 has a founding mother (Wendy Liu), the United States has what we call our Founding Fathers.

In our case, the term Founding Fathers refers broadly to those individuals of the Thirteen British Colonies in North America who led the American Revolution against the authority of England and established the United States of America. Some historians view the founders as the 55 men representing all 13 colonies that voted and negotiated on the declaration of Independence. Most of these men had deep political and/or legal backgrounds.

Most Americans today take the view that these 7 men below are the key Founding Fathers, most would later became Presidents of the USA.

Please take a try at saying the names with me here in wechat to practice your speaking:

George Washington
John Adams
Alexander Hamilton
James Madison
Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Franklin
John Jay
signing the declaration of independence