Vocabulary – Significantly and Insignificantly

Significant and significantly means in a way that is large or important enough to be noticed or have an effect
—used to say that something is important or meaningful.

Insignificantly is just the opposite, there is not enough difference for something to be noticed and not have an effect.

Example of significantly:

“My boss makes significantly more money than I do, he probably makes 10 times what i earn“

”The video screen improvements made between iPhone 3 and iPhone 6 show that Apple has significantly improved the user experience in the last 4 years”.

“Beijing has a population around 20 million people, Seattle around 800,000 people. So Beijing is significantly larger than Seattle.”
Example of Insignificantly:

“Shanghai has a population of 23 million, it’s a lot of people, but it’s still insignificantly larger than Beijing which has about 20 million”