Idiom: Head Over Heels


Andy-弘安迪 7:39 AM
@赵攀 Head over heels –
Many hundreds of years ago this phrase was started and means ‘Excited, possibly turning cartwheels to demonstrate your excitement’. It originally went ‘Heels over head’, but today it’s ‘Head over heels’ for the proper usage.’Head over heels’ is used most often to describe that someone is very in love with someone (not love of our child or pet, but falling in love with a boyfriend, or remaining deeply in love with your spouse).


-“I met Ken at the KTV last week for the first time and we instantly fell head over heels in love with each other”
-“About 5 years ago, Mary fell head over heels in love with a carpenter who comes from a poor family”


Here’s a picture of someone doing a cartwheel. 
CartwheelPhoto courtesy of f minus
Andy-弘安迪 7:41 AM
This next picture shows you what the heel is, the bottom back part of the foot.