Idiom: It’s beyond my call

–May 26 2015 —

NoNo 6:13 PM
Morning@Andy yesterday I talked with my friend and we discussed about his job issue, then he said ” that’s beyond my call!” Very interested, hope could share with friends here.

Andy-弘安迪 7:47 PM
“Call” is often used to mean “decision”. It’s used in sports frequently when one senior player on the team, or the coach, makes decisions during the game which plays to run (or execute). So that person is “calling the plays” or deciding which plays to run.

Saying “it’s not my call, It’s John’s call” means the person doesn’t have the authority to make the decision, it’s up to John to decide. “It’s beyond my call” means “I am not allowed to make this decision, someone more senior must make this decision”.

If a project had problems because someone made a bad decision you might say “Wow, Chris made the wrong call in assigning Frank as the project lead, look how far behind schedule Frank allowed us to get!”