Vocabulary: Weather Forecast

weather forecast

Andy-弘安迪 5:07 AM
This is a lesson on “Weather Forecast”. Everyone likes to talk about weather and it’s a good way to start a conversation in English by chatting about weather.

Andy-弘安迪 5:08 AM
Weather Forecast 天气预报
Weather 天气
Forecast 预报 – This means to predict, or guess, what will happen in the future.
Weather Forecaster: The job of predicting the weather. We usually see or hear of the weather forecast each day in the news, on television, on the radio or in the newspaper.

Examples of “weather forecast” in a sentence:

“The weather forecast for today is cloudy, with increasing chance of rain through the day.”

“The newspaper shows the weather forecast for the weekend is supposed to be sunny with temperatures at 70F/21C, but the TV says the weekend forecast is heavy rain with temperatures at 60F/15.5C…what’s the deal with this discrepancy?”

“A man asking his wife: “Honey, what’s the weather forecast for today? I need to know if I should wear a jacket if it’s going to be cold today.”

“The weather forecaster predicted sun and clear skies, but it’s overcast and snowing, he should be fired from his job!”

These are additional words from above you may not know:
Chilly – 寒冷 – this is another word for cold, but not very cold
Cloudy – 阴天的 – the sky is full of clouds
Discrepancy – 差异;不一致- Inconsistent difference
Newspaper – 报纸
What’s the deal?” – a common idiom to ask someone what’s going on, give an explanation.