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E-mail: allred@live.com
Web: www.allred.us
Address: Seattle, WA USA
Who am I? I am a manager and leader in Software Quality and Project Management, a great role model, mentor, and a voice others can depend on. My passions are driving large, complex projects, coaching others and learning Chinese culture.

Email: allred@live.com
Web: www.allred.us
Address: Seattle, WA USA

I'm looking for opportunities in China, any industry I can add value as a Quality Assurance Manager, Progrect Manager, Technial Program Manager.

My technical background is in Electrical Engineering and Software Testing. Delivering quality into my product while building high performing teams is what gets me leaping out of bed and running into work each day.

Willing to relocate to China



I live in Washington state, USA. I've been married to Michelle Allred for 17 years, no kids but two cats - Hoshi & Sassy.

My career started out in 1984 in the United States Navy, I served on two submarines for 8 of the 10 years in the military. I loved that work and travelled the world. My second career was as a Software Test Manager for the Windows Embedded/IOT business group of Microsoft.

In the last year I've been more focused on my physical health, I've lost over 60lbs(25kg) in the last year and definitely have a healthy lifestyle today balancing quality food with lots of physical activity.

My hobbies include walking and jogging for exercise, meditation, chatting with friends, reading science fiction on my Kindle. I'm also into Home Theater PCs as my entertainment at home along with an XBOX One.

about me

I am seeking opportunities in China where I can add value to a business through my Quality and Project Management experience. I am learning the Chinese language and acting as a cultural ambassador teaching Chinese people about western culture.

I drive large cross-group projects with complex technical problems that require innovative solutions.

I set the vision and direction for my team with a strong customer and quality focus, collecting customer requirements and working with all stakeholders to align the portfolio of projects with the business needs.

Part of my DNA is in continuous improvement, especially in our engineering efficiency to reduce our velocity to more quickly deliver value to the customer.

People Management is what I excel at, hands-on with the hiring, developing and inspiring the team and growing talent. Exporting talent to partner teams as well as coaching them to be our future leadership.



My accomplishments and experiences span nearly all aspects of leading a software business. From deep involvement in the technical decision making and partnering with our Sales & Marketing teams.

Driving efficiency and effective deliver of projects With a model of continuous improvement, efficiencies were gained through rigorous goal setting and attention to performance metrics. Results: In 1 year we reduced Test Pass time from 4weeks to 1day and transitioned from Waterfall to Agile.

Established and built-upon cross-divisional relationships with engineering teams in different business groups to solve very complicated engineering challenges. Resulted in our group transforming our business and greatly reducing engineering complexity that benefited several business groups.

Customer-oriented Investing in long term one-on-one relationships with key decision makers in Tier1 & Tier2 OEM partners. Developed a new customer-focused program that improves our OEM partner QA engineering, reduce OEM QA cost and improve the OEM device quality while influencing what/how we evaluate scenarios.

Driving large, complex projects Windows 8 Embedded I derived customer insights during the project to better influence plans. Involve Sales & Marketing in our project plans to deliver on business and customer needs. Project plans include engineering systems investments to drive efficiencies.

skills & abilities




Team Management







Quality Assurance



Project Management



  • Effectively sponsored the organization across a portfolio of project and opportunities.
  • Holds others accountable for delivery
  • Makes current and next cycle recommendations based on metrics, is accountable for the return on investment (ROI)
  • Coach and mentoring others in planning, organizing and coordinating their work

  • Built a diverse team with capabilities needed to achieve current and future business objectives. Balance the development of existing employees while bringing in new external and internal talent.
  • Create an inclusive work environment where every employee can effectively engage, and wants to be part of the team. Provide ongoing feedback that helps your direct reports improve their performance.
  • Leverage resources to help employees develop skills and support their career interests.

  • Reduced engineering friction to deliver value to customers more quickly: In an 18 month project, led ~100 engineers through three dimensions of change: shifted from waterfall to agile software development, reduced Test Pass time of 4weeks-->1day while reducing vendor count from 70-->25.
  • Coordinated and staged two years of engineering work and negotiations with partner Quality teams across our division to significantly reducing the engineering cost to evaluate our product.


  • Defines quality metrics, best practices and coding patterns, and provides deep expertise on the test coding strategy.
  • Proactively identifies and validates areas of risk in the most complex areas of code, and validate compatibility between sub-systems and dependent systems.


  • Orchestrated plan completion across disciplines and stakeholders and negotiating trade-offs as needed
  • Documenting and delivering best practices for use across areas.
  • Utilizing metrics and data to anticipate and educate others on customer needs





formal education

My formal training background is in Electrical Engineering. My shift to Computer Science as a profession occured in 1999.

1991 Electrical Engineering training by US Navy, San Diego. Training was advanced training (called “C7”) that compresses EE training into 7 month program for accelerated deployment of skills to the fleet. Electrical Engineering and Micro-miniature repair education and training occurred continuously

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Seattle, USA

Phone: +1.425.417.1496
E-mail: allred@live.com
Website: www.allred.us